Harvest Moon DS ROM

What Does The Harvest Moon DS ROM Bring To The Table?

When you play the Harvest Moon DS ROM, you are doing two things at once. First of all, you are reliving whatever is awesome and grand about the Nintendo DS. Never ever underestimate this handheld console. Seriously, that is a command. Why? Well, first of all, over 100 million unit sales do not lie. That’s how much the DS sold.


Now I don’t know about you but that is a success because you cannot move that many units without making changes. You cannot sell that many devices without making lasting changes to the video game design landscape as well as how video games are marketed. This is the real deal. The DS changed the game.

Harvest Moon DS ROM

Back in the day, when people played all sorts of handheld devices, these were viewed as clunky, shallow, and essentially worthless gadgets. You basically just played them because you wanted something remotely similar to the kind of experience that you would play on a console or better yet on a PC. The assumption being that if you really want to play a video game, you have to invest in a console.


Similarly, if you are really serious about capturing everything and anything that is related to a hardcore true blue genuine video game experience, you have to invest in the right gaming PC. Well, the launch of the DS changed people’s attitudes overnight and it is easy to see how this all plays out when you install and play the Harvest Moon DS ROM. You get to celebrate what’s awesome with the handheld DS platform. Make no mistake the DS was successful for a reason.

Harvest Moon DS ROM

It’s not like people were buying such devices because they had nothing else better to do. It’s not like people were buying it for their health. People were looking for a light game experience. And believe me, when you play the Harvest Moon DS ROM, you get exactly that. You don’t feel like you have to play for hours on and you don’t feel like you’re playing it because it’s your job.


You definitely don’t get the impression that you’re going to be playing it because your life depended on it. Instead, back in those days when people held a screen in their hands, they can safely put it down. Seriously, even if you’re a hardcore gamer, you still had enough of a sense of disconnect that you can sense the rest of your life proceeding around you. And you can choose to get on that wavelength. I’m sorry to report that this is no longer the case now, even with a simple tablet. Things have really changed.


Game design has pivoted to the direction of addiction. I know you’re not supposed to say that. I know that this is the game design industry’s dirty little secret. But it’s the absolute truth. And that’s why playing a game like Harvest Moon DS ROM enables you to get a very mobile experience and enjoy the tremendous technical innovations of the DS platform. But the biggest benefit is that you are reminded of how light the game could be. You get a quick and easy game experience. No obligation and no commitment required.Harvest Moon DS ROM

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