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What Do You Get When You Play The Harvest Moon ROM?

The Harvest Moon ROM is not exactly new. It’s been around for quite some time. It was originally designed for the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS, of course, is the highly successful handheld console that enabled Nintendo to just destroy everybody else when it comes to handheld devices. Nobody can even touch Nintendo. That’s how thoroughly this Japanese entertainment company has had dominated that end of the video game space.


Harvest Moon ROM

But with that said, a lot of people are under the impression that Nintendo DS age, if you want to call it that, was simply an area at a time where no video game console makers who were trying to build up their technical expertise and proficiency to come up with something truly revolutionary. In other words, a lot of critics are trying to downplay the significance of the DS. They point to recent consoles and how these handheld devices are so far more superior compared to the DS.


Well, it’s easy for them to say that because if you play the Harvest Moon ROM and you played in context, you get to understand what’s so awesome about the DS. You get to recap why people have fallen in love with the DS to the point that it remains the best-selling handheld device ever. That is quite some bragging rights.


Seriously, because you have to understand that prior to that point we were treated to very clunky devices that have very limited graphical range, did not have much memory, and are not really all that friendly as far as an upgrade is concerned. The Nintendo DS blew away everything else that came before and set in motion a range of expectations that governed everything and anything related to handheld game console devices to this very day. That is quite a legacy.

harvest moon rom

So if you really want to really relive the legacy of the early 2000s as far as video game design is concerned your best bet would be to play the Harvest Moon ROM. Not only does doing so enable you to enjoy how far video games have gone but it also gives you an inside look at the things that have changed and the things that have remained the same. What I like about it is that it enables me to recapture the innocence of game design back then. Because back then there was very little pressure to be everything to everybody.

Harvest Moon ROM

You can just focus on a fairly shallow graphic repertoire and leave it at that. Now, good luck trying to pull that off in this day and age. A lot of people would write you off. A lot of people might even laugh at you. But there was no such reservation back in those days. And that’s what makes it so much freer and this sense of freedom really translates to the gameplay and a sense of innocence.


This is not just nostalgia talking because the Harvest Moon ROM actually teaches us some amazing and basic game design truths that we probably would profit quite a bit from if we only wrapped our minds around them. So do yourself a big favor if whether you’re trying to pick apart gameplay using older games like Harvest Moon ROM or you’re just trying to enjoy the really basic gameplay. This is the title for you. There’s no heavy commitment. There’s no need to dedicate yourself and dedicate hours playing this game. There’s none of that.


At the very least,  The Harvest Moon ROM brings a sense of newness to the table if you haven’t played it before. Now, you might be wondering about this. How can a game that is obviously two decades old feel new? Well, it all boils down to the environment it creates. You are given a new world and some rather old school ways to navigate it. This throws you off because you are used to modern game mechanics and conveniences. You are left to use your imagination and creativity. You remember those right? You are also left to fill in the blanks as far as your experience goes. In other words, you’re back where you belong in control of your very own personal gaming experience.


You’re not entering this open world where you just have to explore everything and anything. Now, with this game, you just have a great time. You will lose yourself in the moment and at a moment’s notice you can put it down and get on with the rest of your life. In my book, that that is quite a bit of an advantage.

Harvest Moon ROM

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